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500 Members! Go Colts! BTW, What's been going on?
Posted by Walle Mafolasire at 06:43am, February 02nd 2007

Ok if you've been paying attention to the homepage, you will be very proud of our members. They have pushed VarsityLounge to over 500 members from 101 different colleges. Now we have over 303 posts in the form of homework, assignments, tests, quizes, class notes, completed projects, etc. If you are not yet a member, what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of college students using VarsityLounge to study more of what your professor wants from you and less of what is irrelevant. Membership is free!

What's been going on? That seems to be the question everybody throws at me these days. I tell you what, it's been a wonderful 2007 so far. VarsityLounge is continuously drawing attention so that's been positive. We have a few uncompleted features in our labs and we hope some day, we will be able to afford to devote full time efforts to V-lo so as to get these features out of the lab to the live site.

By the way, I still don't have a Superbowl party to attend so if you are throwing one, let me know. I may just come crash it. GO COLTS!!!

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