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Finals Time.. Goodluck Everybody
Posted by Hari Krishna at 08:54am, December 12th 2006

Finals Week, Goodluck Everybody!!

I am really stressed here, I guess every one else is too. This will be my last major set of finals, so I will be okay once I am done with all this pressure. I wonder how every one else is doing with their finals. Good luck to everybody

I can't understand why this is the only finals where I am unable to concentrate or have no real passion for studying. I think I am just tired of school and ready to go make money and meet more girls.

Couple of announcements:

ASA party at the house on the 21st.

SASA party when the school starts.

Also some one from Yale put up old homeworks and exams on Varsitylounge so that's good. Thanks man! You know who you are.

Peace out and good luck on finals

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