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Almost One Month
Posted by Hari Krishna at 03:50pm, October 25th 2006
varsitylounge is up for almost one month. Its been a good month, it was a lot of hard work. From the inital problems trying to get the site running, to the fear that people will not sign up (we have over 350 sign ups). Furthermore it is good to see people sharing their notes, homeworks, exams, papers on on their own. People are even uploading their java and C codes on . It is a good feeling to know that the site is being used. However personal, school and other 'distractions' are slowed us down(me mainly) for a while. But we are back in full force and are pumping energy in V-Lo again. Soon you will see us in major press releases, also we are gonna add new cool features and make more personal. So this can truly be YOUR one stop resource center for homeworks, pastpapers and quizzes. There is nothing else to say, except that the winter is back. People are starting to get grumpy again, but I guess it is necessary, to maintain the balance of nature and all that. Also it seems that global warming means that some winters will be colder and more erratic. THAT REALLY SUCKS!! Peace out every one.
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