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Launch Party & V-Blogs. BTW, Is this legal?
Posted by Walle Mafolasire at 07:52am, September 28th 2006

Guys, the party is on. We're gonna be celebrating the arrival of VarsityLounge tomorrow, 9pm Friday 29th at THE HOUSE, 911 Woodruff Place, Middle Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46201.

VarsityLounge is officially 1 week old but technically only 5 days old since the initial issues we had with the servers and launch date. Things are looking good. Official count of membership stands at 130. However, only 6 of those members have put up materials. So we have been thinking: How can we encourage you guys to put up materials from your old classes? This site belongs to all of us and we will like to read your suggestions. Please post as comments.

We did talk about the V-Blogs but unfortunately we couldn't get it ready for the launch date. However, we are working hard on having it ready shortly. Hari and Osi have been busy studying for mid-terms but once that's over, we will have more time to invest in this. To refresh our memories, VarsityLounge is offering the V-Blogs as a way for students to share their opinion and ideas on personal and academic issues. We think maintaining an online diary of your experiences in a school, class, or on a project/homework can help other members in dimensions we cannot imagine.

A lot of you have shared your concerns about breaking the law. We have consulted with attorneys and top ranking officers at IUPUI. Sharing your class notes, projects you completed, test/exams/solutions, crip sheets, lab reports, homework assignments with each other is 100% legal and you have nothing to worry about. However, sharing a copyrighted electronic text book may not be legal. We also have a very strict privacy policy. This policy forbids us to share any of your personal contact information or materials with non-members of this site. If you have any other concerns, please contact us and one of us will write you back.

See you all at the house on Friday! .... Your friend, Walle.

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