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The Launch
Posted by Hari Krishna at 06:08pm, September 24th 2006

The weekend came, we launched, then it crashed. Since we had a mad rush of students, the server could not handle the traffic. At first we thought it was our fault, that we must have made some coding error (actually there was none), so we took it off the air.

Then we realized that the server was not powerful enough to handle our traffic. So we switched every thing to a new server, which can handle all your "academic" needs. So I would like to thank every one on the behalf of the V-Lo team (Osy- the Dreamer, Walle- the Performer and Me - the Motivator) for taking the interest and creating that mad rush of traffic. Also I want to thank Walle, since he did not sleep the whole weekend making sure that the server switch happened smoothly. If you guys see him around, give him a pat on the back and say "Good job, Walle". I personally needed the sleep.

So now that we have a more powerful server, everything is working smoothly and we are having a steady stream of students registering. So on Monday, I want you guys to find some thing that you can share with other students, and put it up on Varsity Lounge. Tell all your friends about the site. We need you to make this site great. We did our part of getting up and running. Now it is all up to you guys, to make it a resource for students world wide.

Enjoy VarsityLounge and have a good week. By the way, the VarsityLounge launch party is this Friday. Let's get it popping at The House. Drinks and refreshments on us.

Hari K

3 Comment(s)  
Vincy at 01:13pm September 26th 2006
K, Typo in V-Lo. "....loosing V-lo". should be "losing".
Blazze at 08:41am September 27th 2006
Vince, when did you become a english teacher? abegg..
hari at 08:04am September 29th 2006
vincy u hav a typo too.. "vinny".
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