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The V-Lo Throttles
Posted by Walle Mafolasire at 11:13am, September 20th 2006

I can hear them roaring and revving. I can feel the momentum. In less than 14hours, VarsityLounge is taking off full blast! Our destination? 1,000,000 members by the end of the year! Period! If 2 heads are better than 1, think of what a million heads can do in helping you out with your studies.

If you have seen me at Butler, IUPUI, Ivy Tech, Starbucks or anywhere else but my house, don't forget those cards I passed you. They are worth free V-Lo Points. The only other way to earn those points is by sharing materials on VarsityLounge. These free ones will allow you download from other members till you accumulate enough points from uploading.

Also the first 1,000 members earn cool V-Lo points + their names go into the VarsityLounge Books of Records that is going to track the first 1,000 members, and materials.

We've got lots of ineteresting things lined up for Varsity Lounge and we will need you to help us achieve this. Tell your friends to tell their friends' friends about V-Lo.  

Anyways, I got more coding to do. I'll catch up with you guys later at midnight today.

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Walle at 12:12am September 21st 2006
Check this out, for every 1000 people that joins, i will donate $2 dollars to the darfur in African Victims. That is a lot of money, especially when it is converted to African money, the cause is free.
Cannice at 11:10am September 21st 2006
Sweet! Party all night, V-Lo All Day
riddhi at 10:10pm September 21st 2006
Hi, I just wanted to say that I for one think this is a great idea and I wish you all the best w/ it...if I have anything worthy...i will share it here. Thankx: riddhi.
You_already_know at 05:10pm September 25th 2006
I see you boy! This website (along with the idea) looks like a masterpiece. Keep up the good work. We'll keep spreading the word. Holla back at us here in Commodore Country. You know who it is.... your country boy...
Blazze The Magician at 08:45am September 27th 2006
I didnt know we get V-lo. can any of this points be use to redeem grocery at krogers or meijer? if not, then whats the point. Good Job Hari! Osi, your head don scatter.
Allison at 03:10pm September 27th 2006
hey there walle. This website looks amazing! I can't wait until the first time i get to use it. So, I met you in the UC cafeteria and you made me pinky promise to leave you a comment here. So here it is! I also wanted to thank you and your friends for creating such an awesome resource for students. Thanks! See you around!
walle mafolasire at 09:57pm September 27th 2006
Thank you Allison.. I can't wait to see you get on here too..You should make sure you come to the party at the house on Friday
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