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What made my day
Posted by Hari Krishna at 12:28am, September 17th 2006

Today instead of studying I spent much of the day, spreading the word about Varsity Lounge. But some thing really made my day today. A very old friend of mine( whose name shall not be mentioned), called me all of a sudden and was mad hyped about V-Lo. That just made my day. I had not talked to this person in such a long time. Then I realised that I have neglected a lot of my friends working on this website, so I just want to apologise and let you all know thanks for the support. We will hit the clubs and all the good stuff in a little bit.

Apart from that, we are just making sure the site is user friendly and horning the search engine. VarsityLounge will be operational on Thursday. We created two groups on Facebook called varsitylounge and some thing procrastinating. Anyways add yourselves to it.

Another FUNNY thing that happened was today, I was talking to a girl about, VarsityLounge and guess what? Her momma was right there and she thought that Walle and I were hitting on her. So she got a little crazy on us. Walle will tell you guys all the details. Since he has the crazy mouth. 

20 Comment(s)  
Julio at 02:34pm September 18th 2006
K why you be hitting on girlz in front ot their moms?? c'mon dude.. Anyways I hope everything goes well.
Walle at 11:21pm September 19th 2006
Yeah, almost the eve to the launching, V-Lo baby, let's make it happen.
mrwood at 12:50pm October 14th 2007
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Ebenezer at 11:25am March 03rd 2008
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Drusilla at 08:50pm March 05th 2008
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Thomas at 01:00am March 08th 2008
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Gretchen at 09:48pm March 09th 2008
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haz88ren at 08:03pm March 11th 2008
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